Path Improvements by Working Party

This is a selection of paths improved and reopened by the Group’s Working Party.

  • To see a map of any of the paths opened in 2014, click on the path number.
  • To find more information about individual paths (including the whether the path is likely to be open) click here for access to the Ceredigion County Council map of Rights of Way.  Zoom to the largest scale at which Rights of Way are shown and click on any one for details.

January – June 2016

Community                                           Path No Grid Ref Location Work Done
Llansantffraed 33/11


SN521685 Lime Kilns Kissing Gate Repairs (X2)


Melindwr 17/7, 17/6 SN662783 Pantycrug Bridle Gate Rehung



Llanfair Clydogau 63/15 SN631477 Esgair Trebannau Self closing gate

Pioneer Clearance

Melindwr 14/44, 14/41 SN696820 Gofinan fach 7 Waymarkers

Anti slip on 2 bridges

Pioneer Clearance

Melindwr 14/39 SN694821 Goginan fach 3 Waymarkers

Pioneer Clearance

Llanwenog 59/28 SN503456 Drefach 3 Field Gates

Self closing Gate

Pioneer Clearance

Geneu’r Glyn 5/20 SN641890 Staylittle 2 Self closing Gates


Ysbyty Ystwyth 27/10 SN750728 Hafod Cut and Fill, Drainage

Anti slip, Boardwalk, Bridge


Geneu’r Glyn 5/55, 5/12 SN630893 Cors Fochno Anti slip on Boardwalk

5 Easy Latches

Llanddewi Brefi 46/36





Tyn y Cornel

Field Gate, Easy Latch

Pedestrian Gate, Easy Latch


Melindwr Blaenrheidol 14/44




Goginan fach


Pedestrian Gate, Fencing

Waymarker, Clearance

Llanbadarn Fawr 17/35 SN637796 Coed Pwllcenawen Pioneer Clearance
Llanilar 21/4




Troed y rhiw

Ty newydd

Pedestrian Gate

Field Gate

 Geneu’r Glyn 5/26 SN626881 Dolybont 2 Stiles Replaced

2 Waymarker Posts

Steps, Clearance

 Ysbyty Ystwyth 27/10 SN750728 Hafod Cut and Fill


Llanfarian 15/20 SN584768 Rhyd y gwin Self closing Gate

Sleeper Bridge

Bridge Abutment


Geneu’r Glyn 5/58


5/28. 5/22







Gate replacing Stile

Waymarker Post

2 Waymarkers












SN582771 SN648883SN662888

Rhyd y gwin




Braich Garw

Handrail on Sleeper Bridge

Cut and Fill

Field Gate, Easy Latch

Easy Latch

Anti-slip on Steps

Drainage, Clearance

Taliesin 15/20 SN655914 Tre Taliesin Stripping Old Fencing








2 Easy Latches, Clearance

Kissing Gate, Clearance, Anti-slip Mesh

Borth 2/30 SN615898 Borth New Posts for Gate,

Bridge Repairs



















January to June 2015

Path Imrpvements       
CommunityPath NumberGrid ReferenceLocationComment
Ceulanmaesmawr href="http://www.streetma">6/105SN648892Llety-llwlydWaymarker post
Ciliau Aeron45/21SN489572FronfedwWaymark Post and waymarking
Geneu'r GlynSN597875 - 600882BrytnbalaNon-mesh bridge
Geneu'r GlynSN600882PenygraigNon-slip mesh bridge, waymark post
Geneu'r GlynSN631846Bow Street3 stiles, pioneer clearan
Llanarth1/133SN470520FfynnonrhysBridleway NE of Ffynnonrhys: Field gate repaired
Lllanfair ClydogaySN606505 and 609514MaesisaPedestrian gate replaced,pioneer clearance of bridleway
Llanfair ClydogauSN631481Esgair TrebannauCarrying materials to bridge site, constructing sleeper
Llanfair ClydogauSN620478Coed TangaerPioneer clearance (+ adder)
Llanfarian16/6SN595778 - 603775Cefncoch and Banc Ty-llwyd5 Stiles replaced, and new steps for another, kissing gate, fencing, waymark post clearance
Llanfihangel Ystrad52/22SN506534PensarnfawrField gate with new post, easy latch
Llanfihangel Clydogau45/16
Llanfihangel YstradSN485568DihewydTree clearance, gate adjusted
Llanfihangel YstradSN495523Troed-y-rhiwClearance and gate adjusted
LlangeithoSN6517628Pyllau -duonHanging post for field gate, rehanging field gatte. receiving post fot field gate
LlanilarSN624774TrawscoedPioneer clearance
LlanwenogSN496482CwrtnewyddNew gatepost and easyn latch
Llanrhystud23/7SN559724LlanddeiniolPedestrian Gate replacing stile, another re-hung with new post, fencing
TirymyncachSN669845 and 631646Cwrtnewydd, SalemField gate repaired, easy latch,new bridlle gate,, new kissing gate, new field , new stiles, bridge repairs ,gate, waymark post
TirymynachSN631846Bow Street3 stiles, pioneer clearance
TrefenterSN691844Tanbryn IsafFinger pst
TrefeurigSN698845BlaaencastellWaymaker pst
Trefeurig9/52SN698745 and 691844Banc Ty-llwydWaymarker
Ystrad FflurSN639730Gilfach y Dwn FachReplace hanging post on field gate


November to December 2014

Path Imrprovements    
CommunityPath NumberGrid ReferenceLocationComments
Llancynfelin3/11SN654903ErgloddInstall 2 stiles
Llanfarian15/18SN581766CwrtycwmBringing bridge materials on site, removing existing footbridge, constructing footings for new bridge, installing 6ft metal self-closing gate, attaching Timbers to bridge framework, associated fencing

July to October 2014

Path Improvements 2014    
CommunityPath NumberGrid ReferenceLocationComments
Ferwig73/63CSN178516Cardigan Farm Park area6 metre bridge and cut and fill work on coast park
Llanfarian16/8SN611760LlanlwydField gate with new hanging post
15/18SN582765CwrtycwmPioneer clearance: large fallen tree
15/2DSN565765Llety Gegin2xlatches, clearance
SN539702BancReplace 3 stiles, repair 3 others.
Lledrod25/33SN656705BrynseirHang 5x Field Gates, 1x Hanging post, 7xEasy Latches Self-closing Bridle Path Gates
25/32SN658707Hafod-weunogHang large field gate, Easy latch, 2x self-closing bridle path gates.
Trefeurig9/16 and 9/18SN655831Cefn Llwyd4x field gates rehung and adjusted, including 2 new hanging posts.
Troedyraur71/28 and 71/29SN355439LlangynlloStepping stones, 3x self-closing gates, field gate, sleeper bridge, 3x waymarker posts, pioneer clearance, cut and fill, major drainage
71/27SN356438LlangynlloSelf closing gate. waymark post, cut and fill, pioneer clearance
Ystrad Meurig29/4SN7026724 foot self-closing gate and associated fencing.

January to July 2014

Path Improvements 2014    
CommunityPath NumberGrid ReferenceLocationComments
Blaenrheidol18/52SN776823Dyffryn Castell for ascent of Pumlumon2x Stiles, Waymarker Post, Non-slip covering to Boardwalk
Geneu'r Glyn5/10SN625859Ruel Uchaf west of Bow StreetKissing gate in place of stile
Llanfarian15/4SN580768Bridleway west of Chancery2 Field Gates with new hanging posts, 3 Easy Latches, pioneer clearance
15/4SN580775Brynyrychain4 Easy Latches and Waymark Post
15/4SN578776Brynyrychain2x Field gate hanging posts, 2x Easy latch, Waymarking
15/9SN572761Paths east from Coast Path towards BlaenplwyfReplace Stile with Kissing Gate, Build Stone Steps
15/12SN572761Path towards BlaenplwyfReplace Stile with Kissing Gate, Build Stone Steps
Llanilar21/75SN660716Cwmlechwydd - path through woodland sourth of LlanilarField Gate hanging post, Easy Latch, 2x Waymark Post, Pioneer Clearance
21/55SN650730Tynreithen - restricted byway going north/south1 new Field Gate with Easy Latch, 1 clearance
26/16SN698708Bridleway near Nant byr isafHanging Field Gate, 2 Easy Latches
21/68SN665726Hendre Rhys near FC car parkHanging Field Gate, 2 Easy Latches
21/41SN619734Bridleway south of Coed LlysField Gate, 2xadjust Field Gate, 3x Easy Latches
Llanrhystud38/34DSN531698Approach to Coast Path near PengarregKissing Gate, Clearance
28/1SN538703Approach to Coast Path near BancNew Stile + repairs to 2 others, Clearance
Llanwenog59/5SN477505Gorsgoch - bridleway going roughlly north/south4 Field Gates and one 5ft Gate with Easy Latches rehung, 1 Waymark Post, pioneer clearance
Lledrod25/32SN658707Brynseir - restricted bywayHang large Field Gate, Easy Latch, 2x 6 ft Self-closing Bridle Path Gates
Melindwr14/5SN665796Troedrhiwlwba - path just south of Capel Bangor. 5 Waymark Posts, pioneer clearance
14/10SN665796Troedrhiwlwba - path just south of Capel Bangor. Path just south of Capel Bangor. 5 Waymark Posts, pioneer clearance
14/12SN665796Troedrhiwlwba - path just south of Capel Bangor. Path just south of Capel Bangor. 5 Waymark Posts, pioneer clearance
13/1SN648824Gwarcwm5ft Metal Gate installed, 2 Field Gates hung, pioneer clearance
Trefeurig9/29SN679846Clawddmelyn- bridleway1 new Field Gate and RX post, 5 easy latches, 1 waymarker post, 1 clearance
Ystrad Meurig26/11, 26/13, 26/16SN701708Nant byr uchaf - bridlway1 Waymarker Post, 4 Field Gates, inc 2 RX and 1 hanging post, fencing repair

By clicking on any of the path numbers above you can see a map of the path that has been improved.


Capel Bangor Community     Paths 14/6, 14/7, 14/8, 14/22, 13/36 and 13/45, cleared, diverted and provided with stiles, bridges, steps, a gate and more level surfaces.  In the Coed Bronllangwrda and Allt Goch woodlands and below Cefnllidiart farm.

A circuit is possible from the lane to Bron-llangwrda SN662803 through Coed Bronllangwrda to the ridge above Allt Goch and back past Cefnllidiart farm down to the start (3.6 kms), or across to the Tynllidiart Arms pub (3.8 kms).  Alternatively, the path up through Coed Bronllangwrda can be used to access Cwm Melindwr up to Old Goginan and the hill country above Cwmerfyn.

Llangorwen     Path 7/5 cleared of extensive gorse and provided with kissing gates from Pont Llangorwen SN603837 to the track to Rhyd-tir-isaf SN617838.

1.5 kms of level path beside the Afon Clarach.  Can be extended into a circuit by using the bridleway above Rhyd-tir-isaf to the B4572 above the Crematorium, westward on paths through Coed-y-Cwm to the eastern end of the Clarach Holiday Village, and returning on the path to Pont Llangorwen past Ffynnon-ddu.

Llanrhystud Community Circuit     Paths 30/5 > 30/6 > 30/11 > 30/10 > 30/12 > 30/8  > 30/7 > 30/6 > 30/5 cleared and diverted and provided with stiles, bridges and waymarking.  Glan-yr-Afon SN538695 > Ffordd-lâs > Felin Rhiw bwys > Pentre-mawr > Ffrwyd-ganol > Pen Rhosser > Glan-yr-Afon.

5 kms route into Cwm Mabws through quiet meadows and woodland with views over the village and the sea.  Several steep sections and road crossings requiring extra care.

Llanrhystud, Cwm Wyre     Path 28/15 cleared and diverted with steps, kissing gates, a stile and a bridge from Velindre Villa SN547701 to near Pencwmcanol SN569705.

2.5 kms path through beautiful lower Cwm Wyre.  33 steps and several steep sections.  Possible to use quiet roads on to Llanddeiniol and paths down Cwm Carrog to make a circular walk from Llanrhystud.

Lledrod Community Circuit     Paths 25/39 > 25/38 > 25/31 > 25/30 cleared, old metal kissing gate and stone-slab bridge restored, and new bridge placed.  Lledrod Church SN646702 > Berthdomled > A485 > Ty’n-yr-helyg > A485 > Rhiw-afallen > Rhyd-lŵyd Chapel SN646708.

A 3 kms circuit of the village that links church with chapel.  Care should be taken on the main road sections.

Rhydyfelin: Tanybwlch Beach to Tan-y-castell     Path 16/26 newly-designated path provided with stiles.  SN577796 to SN587788.

1.6 kms link that allows circuits beside the Afon Ystwyth or along the Ystwyth Trail, back to Tanybwlch Beach.  Passes Neuadd Tanybwlch, the former home of Lord Ystwyth.

Trefeurig: Pen-rhiw-newydd to Cwmsymlog     Path 9/36 cleared of gorse and stiles placed from Pen-rhiw-newydd SN670841 to the Cwmsymlog road SN691838.

2.3 kms linear path through sheep pasture along a ridge and into the Banc Cwm-isaf forest up to the lane to Cwmsymlog.  Can be made into a circuit back through Penbont Rhydybeddau using path 9/38 across to Cwmdarren, a path with a footbridge and other improvements by the Work Party.



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