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Ceredigion Stile Above Roger's Wood

Ceredigion has a good supply of open access land under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act), it is well supplied with Rights of Way, and in addition the whole of the coast line is part of the All Wales Coast Path and the Ceredigion Coast Path.  For ideas for walks go to our Local Walks page which also has a section on maps including:

  • the Ceredigion County Council map from which it is possible to identify Rights of Way in the county that are most likely to be open;
  • and the Natural Resources Wales map for the whole of Wales which shows some permissive access as well as Rights of Way.

At present, only about 50% of the Rights of Way in Ceredigion are in good condition.  The Group is in regular contact with the County Council over the state of Rights of Way and the staff do their best with limited resources.  Complaints from the public strengthen the case that we present.  In addition, the county has a very effective Local Access Forum at which landowners , users and Council staff meet to discuss problems.


In general, complaints about Rights of Way should be reported on the Ceredigion County Council website designed for this purupose.

In addition, there are certain special arrangements where direct complaints may be made:

  • On land which is controlled by the Forestry Commission (now part of Natural Resources Wales, it is possible to make the problem known directly.  Members of the public are encouraged to report problems to them, and they promise to investigate each report and take action within three months.
  • On farmland which is registered under Glastir or other Agricultural Environment schemes such as Tir Gofal.  On such land you should find:
    • that all Rights of Way have been made usable insofar as it is the landowner’s responsibility to make them so.
    • that there may also be “permissive paths” (or permissive open access) and they also should be usable
  • First, check whether the path is covered by the schemes by looking for the routes marked in red on the appropriate maps (N.B. Welsh Government has withdrawn these maps temporarily (February 2013) but will be replacing them with updates.).
  • Second, be sure that your problem is one for which the landowner is responsible (e.g., a fence across the path). Missing bridges or overgrowth on the path itself are generally the responsibility of the County Council.
  • Third, download and complete the appropriate Glastir Report Form. The required fields are the grid reference, the date and the nature of the issue identified. These required fields are indicated with an asterisk and in red.

Local Access Forum

Ceredigion County Council has established (under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act of 2000) a Local Access Forum to advise the Council on relevant matters. The Forum can provide an alternative and constructive way for the public to have an influence on access issues.

Forum meetings are held in public and the Chairman may invite members of the public to have their say.

Anyone can apply for full membership of the Forum and members are selected by the Council generally from those with a direct interest either as users of Rights of Way and Access Land (walkers, cyclists, horse riders etc.) or as owners of land over which there are such rights.

Generally the Local Access Forum discusses principles rather than individual path problems.

Click here for further information including minutes of recent meetings.

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